Skara Brae is a stone built Neolithic settlement located at the Bay of Skaill. It consists of 8 clustered houses and was occupied from 3180BC - 2500BC.

The Brough of Birsay is an uninhabited tidal island off the north west coast of the Mainland. The earliest settlement was in the 6th Century by Christian missionaries. In the background is the Loch of Boardhouse where the Barony Hotel is situated on the shoreline.

The Broch of Gurness is an Iron Age broch village overlooking Eynhallow Sound. Settlement began somewhere between 500 and 200BC and lasted until 100AD when it was abandoned and the ditches filled in. The site continued to be used until the 8th century.

Kitchener's Memorial is a crenellated tower built by public subscription in 1926 to honour the memory of Lord Kitchener. He along with 554 officers and men died when HMS Hampshire sank off the Marwick coast on 5th June 1916.

The Ring of Brodgar is a Neolithic henge and stone circle 104m in diameter and is the 3rd largest in Britain. It is thought to have been erected between 2500BC and 2000BC.

Accommodation Backaland

The Orkney Islands are a haven of natural beauty like nowhere else on earth, forged from over five thousand years of human history, these majestic isles stand proud in the cold seas off the north coast of Scotland and have a history like none other woven as it has been by Scottish, Pictish and Norse hands.
Anyone with a love for the great outdoors, nature and ancient history will find accommodation for all their needs on these stunning Islands. The Orkney Islands themselves are a collection of about 70 islands, twenty of which are inhabited by people, and all of which are home to many exciting species of birds, animals and plants.
Orkney Accommodation
Backaland to Kirkwall, and from Shapinsay to Stromness, visitors to the islands of Orkney will find a warm welcome wherever they stay. Across the Orkney islands there are various types of accommodation. Backaland, is to the north of Mainland, the main island in the Orkney islands, and is easily accessible from accommodation on Mainland, Shapinsay, Eday or Westray. The islands are all fairly easy to navigate, joined as they are by an excellent network of ferries and commercial airlines.
Central Orkney Accommodation
Backaland or elsewhere in the Orkney Islands, there really is no better accommodation than that provided at the Barony Hotel that stands on the picturesque shore of Boardhouse Loch in Birsay. Barony Hotel is well known for its warm welcomes and high-quality bed and breakfast accommodation. Backaland, Eday and Shapinsay are all easily accessible from the central location of Barony Hotel, and there are three bird reserves and four beautiful lochs within easy reach of the accommodation.
Cliffside walks, nature reserves and cosy bays are all part of the natural beauty of Orkney, and Barony Hotel is the perfect accommodation from which to explore any of them.
Barony Hotel Accommodation
Backaland and the rest of Orkney are great places to visit, and the Barony Hotel offers the very best accommodation to see it all. With comfortable beds, sumptuous cooked breakfasts and a cosy lounge bar with views out over Boardhouse Loch and the Brough of Birsay, the Barony Hotel offers the very best of Orkney accommodation. Backaland hospitality with a smile is always on the menu at the Barony Hotel, and the staff are willing and ready to make sure the accommodation is perfect for your visit. The Barony Hotel bed and breakfast accommodation also offers fine dining for those who book in advance, and the a la carte menu is a veritable celebration of locally sourced beef, fish and seafood.
The best accommodation Backaland visitors need also offers a select bar of the very best beers, wines and spirits, not to mention easy access to two of Scotland's finest whisky distilleries. The Highland Park distillery could well be the oldest existing distillery, and the distillery at Scapa produces some of the best scotch whisky in the world.
Whatever you want from your visit to the Orkney Islands, make sure you use the best accommodation!