Skara Brae is a stone built Neolithic settlement located at the Bay of Skaill. It consists of 8 clustered houses and was occupied from 3180BC - 2500BC.

The Brough of Birsay is an uninhabited tidal island off the north west coast of the Mainland. The earliest settlement was in the 6th Century by Christian missionaries. In the background is the Loch of Boardhouse where the Barony Hotel is situated on the shoreline.

The Broch of Gurness is an Iron Age broch village overlooking Eynhallow Sound. Settlement began somewhere between 500 and 200BC and lasted until 100AD when it was abandoned and the ditches filled in. The site continued to be used until the 8th century.

Kitchener's Memorial is a crenellated tower built by public subscription in 1926 to honour the memory of Lord Kitchener. He along with 554 officers and men died when HMS Hampshire sank off the Marwick coast on 5th June 1916.

The Ring of Brodgar is a Neolithic henge and stone circle 104m in diameter and is the 3rd largest in Britain. It is thought to have been erected between 2500BC and 2000BC.

If you crave a relaxed yet adventure-filled holiday in northern Scotland, the Orkney Islands offer the perfect solution. Come and discover the beauty of the Birsay and beyond at our bed and breakfast Boardhouse Loch.

Located on the shores of the beautiful Boardhouse Loch, Barony Hotel offers comfortable surroundings and stunning backdrops at an affordable price. Book your room today!

A Bed And Breakfast Boardhouse Loch With Rooms For All

Barony Hotel bed and breakfast Boardhouse Loch is a family-run service committed to making your stay as comfortable as it can be. As such, we offer a wide range of single, twin, double, and family (3 people) rooms. Whether you're a solo traveller, a family, or a newlywed couple, finding an exceptional room at equally incredible value is easy.

All of our stunning rooms are available at a price of just £45 per person per night. Moreover, they are each equipped with the following features to ensure your stay is safe, comfortable, and fun;

Secure doors that can be locked for added security and privacy.
Spacious surroundings and the best décor choices to encourage a great night's sleep.
En suite bathrooms including a toilet, sink, and shower.
Tea and coffee making facilities that can be restocked on each day of your stay.
Clean bed sheets that can be changed each day by our staff.

Some of our rooms overlook the beautiful Boardhouse Loch itself while others look out over the stunning horizons. When supported by our friendly staff and impressive communal areas, Barony Hotel has everything needed to make your time in northern Scotland everything you hoped for and more. Book your Scottish adventure by calling us today.

The Perfect Base To Explore Boardhouse Loch

If you're looking for a perfect location for your stay on the islands, you can't get any better than Barony Hotel. Our bed and breakfast Boardhouse Loch is situated on the shored of the loch itself, with our evening bar lounge providing a wonderful view of the picturesque skyline. Meanwhile, we are just a few minutes away from the cliffs, providing the ultimate way to catch a Scottish morning sunrise.

Our bed and breakfast offers huge convenience, allowing you to embrace everything the area has to offer. Some of the most popular activities include;

Birdwatching at three dedicated bird reserves located in the surrounding areas.
Visiting archaeological sites, including the award-winning Ness of Brodgar.
Fishing at either Harray, Swanney and Hundland loch.
Learning about the history of the area at Kirbuster Museum.
Enjoying the plethora of walking trails and natural sights.

In addition to the various adventures awaiting in Boardhouse Loch, the bed and breakfast is conveniently located for anyone wanting to enjoy day trips to other parts of the Orkneys. For a night or a month, your stay at Barony Hotel will be a memorable one.

Book Your Scottish Stay Today

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